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Lockdown Life Takes Its Toll On Welsh Businesses

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Businesses across Wales are telling us that “Lockdown Life” as it has become affectionately known is taking its toll, grinding small businesses owners down and creating a worrying trend of business owners seriously having to contemplate closure, bankruptcy and insolvency as possible options in the next three to six months.

At In Business, we have always taken the optimistic view that, as one of our favourite and equally positive financial advisors used to say: “Something will always turn up, you mark my words!”, and, generally speaking, we certainly haven’t given up hope.

What does give us a reality check though is how many businesses are telling us that they have received any payments from the government whatsoever and that their banks are not stepping up as has been promised or previously indicated. The information coming out of the Senedd (is that what it’s called these days?) is pretty useless with what seems to be no clear strategy for supporting business.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though (even if sometimes it just feels like another train coming), with research suggesting that the bounce back could be quite short and not the protracted affair that many are concerned about. Only time will tell.

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